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Key Features

Understand your customers

Provides a complete view of prospect and customer interactions

Share information

Get the right information to the right people

Re-use data from other software

Integrates with a wide range of software

Quickly create your own flexible solution

Highly customisable to meet your needs

Make the right strategic decisions

Identify your best customers and their needs

  • Understand your customers

    Enabling you to target prospects and build strong relationships with customers, Sage CRM supports effective marketing campaigns, manages sales and helps improve customer service.

    • Easy to use and fast to set-up, it can be tailored to match your individual business needs
    • The web interface allows access to vital customer information wherever you are in the world
    • Provide your people with the data and processes they need to work effectively
    • Save time with automatic processes
    • Highly customisable and can easily adapt to your business requirements
    • Personalise the CRM software to mirror your unique business processes and user preferences
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  • Share information

    CRM allows your staff to share vital customer information. Our easy-to-use software allows you to get up and running quickly.

    • Everyone can easily get to the information and processes they need, speeding up workflows and reducing the possibility for error
    • Displaying dashboard information in real-time eliminates the need to switch screens, improving productivity
    • Provide your people with detailed contact and account information and sophisticated information management tools
    • Integration with popular applications like Microsoft® Outlook® gives users a consistent experience
    • Handle complex processes by automating them. This improves effectiveness and ensures nothing is overlooked when dealing with customers or prospects.
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  • Re-use data from other software

    Sage CRM can access data from other solutions you may be using. This helps you to be consistent with everyone you interact with.

    • Information can come from within the CRM software, from external websites or from integrated systems
    • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook
    • Integrate with finance software from Sage (Sage 200 and Sage 1000)
    • Additional customisation lets you integrate web services such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Hoovers, for a richer, more personal view of information
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  • Quickly create your own flexible solution

    Sage CRM is highly flexible, and can be easily configured and customised to meet your specific business requirements.

    • Predefined reports and templates will meet the majority of your needs, so that you can quickly begin to benefit from your new software
    • A highly configurable report designer lets you create reports and documents that match your exact needs
    • Quick to install and easy to use, you can be up and running within days
    • Drive more sales with effective marketing communications and e-marketing campaigns, sales process automation, lead management and reporting
    • Easily extend your CRM software solution, so it grows with your changing business. You can use your internal development resources or access our large network of outside expertise to do this.
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  • Make the right strategic decisions

    Sage CRM helps you make strategic decisions about your business. You can identify and categorise your most profitable customers, understand their priorities and how much they cost you to sell to and to keep.

    • Protect margins, reduce cost of sale, customer attrition and administration costs, while also eliminating process bottlenecks
    • Eliminate the duplication of information
    • Leverage revenue opportunities by identifying who is most likely to buy which products or services and why
    • Ensure that customer service level agreements are adhered to, pinpoint underlying issues and take corrective action accordingly
    • Increasing company-wide awareness of your customers needs, identify areas to improve product development and service delivery processes
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