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In-depth information about Sage CRM


Find out more about Sage CRM and how it can help your business


  • Marketing automation - identify and target the right people

    An invaluable tool for marketers, Sage CRM supports your ability to plan, execute, and measure the success of marketing campaigns.

    • Target campaigns more effectively with access to detailed information drawn from across your business
    • Financial profiling, order information and the purchase history of customers, plus special interests or demographics can all be used to help create detailed profiles
    • Create your own campaign lists or import mail house lists
    • Drill down to specific activities including communications, opportunities, and responses
    • Manage and track the exact marketing messages received by a specific target, for every element of every marketing campaign
    • Create campaign templates and automate their roll out
    • With instant and easy access to the status of each campaign you can keep track of your ongoing return on investment, as it happens
  • Sales automation - make the most of sales opportunities

    Provide your sales team with a single source of information that can help them to achieve their targets more effectively and efficiently.

    Automated workflow and pipeline management capabilities let your sales team progress sales opportunities quickly and efficiently, while ensuring that data is effectively shared and can be accessed by anyone that needs it.

    • In-depth sales analysis ensures that your sales efforts are directed towards the deals that will be most profitable to you
    • Direct leads to the salesperson best qualified to assist
    • Give your sales team the information they need in the office or on the move
    • Free your sales people up to focus on their primary task, selling to customers
    • Powerful, on demand reporting means that you always know what is going on,
    • A single view of your data means that you never lose sight of an opportunity
    • Decrease the administrative overhead on your salespeople through a single shared view of the sales situation
  • Service automation - deliver excellent customer service

    Getting a new customer is only the beginning of what will hopefully be a long and profitable relationship.

    Sage CRM helps you to make every customer interaction more informative, more effective, and more profitable.

    • Provide easy access to vital information, including historical and commercial data
    • Define business processes, track cases and solutions, so that your team can resolve customer issues effortlessly
    • Build in escalation procedures and workflows that ensure no task is overlooked
    • A self-service web portal and an automated email management service mean that you can offer round the clock customer service
    • Free your people up to focus more of their time on maximising customer satisfaction and driving customer loyalty
    • Grow your business while also delivering best practice customer service
  • Management information - develop deeper organisational understanding

    Helping to drive productivity across the entire organisation, Sage CRM can give you the information you need to protect margins, reduce cost of sale, customer attrition and administration costs while also eliminating process bottlenecks.

    • Gain access to key performance indicators at all levels of your organisation
    • Develop a deeper understanding of the performance of your business and the different teams within it
    • See information represented graphically
    • Use pre-built reports or build your own
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