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Key Features

Get the flexible solution you need, fast

Ready to use features and easy customisation make it easy to get started

Get ahead of your competitors

Share information and quickly analyse any issues

Streamline your operations

Share information and integrate processes

Improving productivity and profitability

See all your processes from materials to reports

Supporting your manufacturing environment

Provide accurate quotations, quickly and easily

  • Get the flexible solution you need, fast

    Designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller manufacturers it delivers comprehensive functionality without the need for lengthy development work.

    • From ease of customisation to a low total cost of implementation and ownership, we make it as straightforward as possible to gain the benefits of Sage 50 Manufacturing
    • Quick to get up and running, the solution comes with predefined reports, transaction templates, and workflows that can support the needs of a wide range of businesses out of the box
    • You can configure many areas of the solution to match exactly how you do business without the need for expensive development work
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  • Get ahead of your competitors

    Produce consistently high quality products in an increasingly competitive environment.

    • Quickly analyse what is going on in your business and manage your resources efficiently
    • Spot any issues that could disrupt the manufacturing process before they have a chance to develop
    • Access the information you need, from every part of your manufacturing and finance operations
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  • Streamline your operations

    A single business wide source of information helps to drive profitability and streamline your operations.

    • Improve communication between suppliers, shop floor staff, other manufacturers, and customers
    • Achieve optimum efficiency and profitability, whatever you produce, by sharing information with whoever needs it
    • A single source of data across the business enables an open exchange of information between employees and departments
    • Share real time information, in total security, with distributors, suppliers and customers
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  • Improving productivity and profitability

    Present the manufacturing operation within easy-to-access areas, including materials, labour, machines, operations and reports, you can see what is going on every step of the way.

    • Control costs and maintain efficiency, enabling your business to optimise both production and profitability
    • Maintain an efficient shop floor, reduce operating costs and increase productivity
    • Keep jobs flowing, and avert issues before they become time consuming and expensive to resolve
    • From planning materials and costs to monitoring real time works orders, you gain greater control over processes from scheduling work effectively to tracking resource usage and improving business analysis
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  • Supporting your manufacturing environment

    With our estimating tool you are able to provide accurate and timely quotations for any sort of work, whether its batch or one off.

    • Enabling the real time allocation and issue of stock against jobs, the ability to raise invoices for all or part of any job, you can view actual costs versus estimates as your jobs progress
    • Bringing together manufacturing and finance, Sage 50 Manufacturing puts you in total control of each job as it progresses
    • Continuously monitor profitability, whether you are involved in one off or repetitive manufacturing
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