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Key Features

Easily set up and customise your software

And rest assured you'll get help if you need it with 45 days free support.

Manage your customers, sales & suppliers

Identify new business opportunities and get paid on time

Always know how your business is performing

With a range of intuitive reports at your fingertips.

Stay in control wherever you are

Access your accounts wherever you are with the free Sage 50 Accounts Mobile app.

Simplify usually time-consuming financial tasks

Month end, VAT and year end processes are quick & simple.
  • Easily set up and customise your software

    • Customise to suit your business: you can easily set up Sage 50 Accounts Professional to match your existing business processes and structure, and you can have up to 10 people concurrently using the software.
    • Help is always at hand: the built-in online help centre has a selection of easy-to-follow guides and videos if you need any hints & tips.
    • Get up and running with practice data: the practice mode with demo data included lets you get to grips with Sage 50 Accounts before you import your own data.
    • Free telephone support for 45 days: our award-winning support is free for the first 45 days to help you get up and running and set up your data.
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  • Manage your customers, sales & suppliers

    Manage your customers, sales & suppliers Everything you need to manage your customers, sales & suppliers - from storing & searching contact details to creating professional quotes, invoices, purchase orders &  sales orders.
    • Create & find contact details: all your customer and supplier details are stored in one place. You can search, view & edit your entire database in seconds.
    • Record all your product and service information: manage your stock in precisely with advanced stock control, and automatically record sales, quotes & invoices.
    • Create professional looking invoices: choose from a selection of invoice templates, customise them with your logo & set up flexible pricing structures for different customers.
    • Spot sales trends and patterns: our range of reports makes it easy for you to identify you best, worst and most profitable products and customers.
    • Chase outstanding debts: see outstanding customer invoices & debts at a glance, and chase them promptly with customisable letters & emails.
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  • Always know how your business is performing

    With Sage 50 Accounts Professional, you'll always know how your business is performing and how profitable you are.
    • A selection of reports at your fingertips: a wide variety of intuitive reports gives you detailed insight into your business performance at glance.
    • Customisable reports: the flexible report designer means you can tailor reports to suit your business, meaning you'll no longer have to waste time amending spreadsheets.
    • Tightly manage your cash flow: understand your financial position instantly by easily seeing who owes you money and outstanding expenses.
    • Always know how profitable your business is: with a few clicks you can run a profit and loss report that allows you to analyse profitable every area of your business is.
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  • Stay in control wherever you are

    The free Sage 50 Accounts Mobile app lets you manage your finances on the go. It links all your live Sage 50 Accounts data to your mobile & is ideal for anyone who works on the go.
    • Free to download and use: download, install and use with Sage 50 Accounts Professional 2013 within minutes.  Available for iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry.
    • Easy to set up and use: it's quick to get started with a simple setup process and user friendly interface, and as many people can use it as you like.
    • Manage your accounts on the move: access all your important accounts information from your mobile; customer, supplier, finance and product information.
    • Save time & win new business: set up new customers on the spot, generate quotes and invoices, and create sales and purchase orders on the move.
    • Keep your data safe: all your data is encrypted so you can be confident your information is safe and secure, and there are no data transfer limits.
    Find out more about Sage 50 Accounts Mobile
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  • Simplify usually time-consuming financial tasks

    Simplify usually time-consuming financial tasks With simple step-by-step guides and automated processes, important financial tasks like month end, year end and VAT returns become quick and easy.
    • Quick, simple processes: with straightforward processes, automated wizards and easy-to-follow guides, normally time-consuming processes like VAT and year end take minutes.
    • Save time calculating VAT: Sage 50 Accounts takes the pain out of managing VAT, with an entire section dedicated to managing, calculating and automating VAT returns.
    • Easily submit VAT returns direct to HMRC online: it's never been quicker to submit your VAT returns to HMRC with Sage 50 Accounts Professional with a few simple clicks.
    • Keep your bank records up-to-date & trade overseas: real time bank reconciliation means you'll always know what is in your accounts, and you can manage foreign currencies & bank accounts.
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