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Key Features

Deploy, customise and access in a way that works for you

For companies - 5 to 250 employees and up to 50 users

Flexible monthly or up front payment options

Choose how you pay to suit the way your business works

Streamline your business processes

Improve efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership and simplify regular tasks

Get key business insight to help make critical decisions

One view; see information the way you want to make key business decisions

Access data and reports anytime, anywhere

Easy access to data on the move from a range of devices making remote and field working easier

  • Deploy, customise and access in a way that works for you

    Sage 200: More choice, more freedom
    • Software to fit your business: choose how to deploy (online or on premise) and pay (monthly or up front)
    • Select from a range of modules: designed to meet your business needs
    • Easily configure Sage 200: for your business needs, reflecting terminology and structures familiar to you
    • Align business processes: reduce duplication and time wastage delivering quick ROI
    • Keep track of your stock: make sure you know when stock's running out and when it's available
    • Confidently manage your customers: useful tools to give you what you need to deliver excellent customer service and effectively manage your sales processes
    • Manage your projects: control your costs and maximise your profits by understanding the detail of every project
    • Powerful tools for marketing and selling: plan, execute and audit highly targeted marketing campaigns; improve lead quality and drive higher conversion rates
    • Flexible to meet your needs: get a suite of software for financials, data analysis and customer management, then choose the additional elements you want
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  • Streamline your business processes

    Sage 200: More choice, more freedom
    • Speedy return on investment: keep the total cost of ownership low with a solution that can be up and running within a matter of days with minimum disruption to your day-to-day business
    • Save time: using Sage 200 to produce automated reports can give you time back to help you to focus on the important things, like running your business
    • Improve efficiency: quickly spot trends or data anomalies and identify opportunities for growth
    • Simplify regular tasks: eliminate the need to rekey information and reduce the chance of errors by creating processes that flow across the entire company
    • Manage multiple sites and multiple companies: one solution to connect teams across the business and align business process to create efficiencies
    • Reduce complexity and improve time management: bring everything you need together in one, easy to use, intuitive workspace
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  • Get key business insight to help make critical decisions

    Sage 200: More choice, more freedom
    • Gain greater control over your business: spot opportunities for business growth and get one view of your business
    • Effectively analyse business critical information: use the powerful analytical tools to inform your decision-making and share business data widely across your organisation
    • Greater Business Intelligence: use our pre-defined views, workspaces and templates to analyse key data or personalise them to see the essentials you need
    • Make faster and better informed decisions: get the right data to the right people and give your managers an instant and accurate view of what's going on
    • Easily view profitability: by product or project to see what's working and what's not
    • Compatible with existing applications: works with the latest online versions of Microsoft Office, including Excel enabling data to be worked and interrogated in a familiar environment
    • Tailored reports, templates and workspaces: accessible when you're on the move or in the office, keeping you up to date with what's happening in your business no matter where you are
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  • Access data and reports anytime, anywhere

    Sage 200: More choice, more freedom

    Sage 200 provides easy access to business critical information on the move and our new online version makes remote and field working even easier.

    • Improve staff retention and efficiency: facilitate remote working
    • Anytime, anywhere access via a web browser: you can get the information you need any time on a range of supported devices
    • Customisable workspaces and reports: get access to key information in the office or on the go
    • Enter, approve or print timesheets, expenses and purchase orders: available online, so you can use this feature even when you or your employees are out of the office
    • Keep up to speed with data and enquiries: Check bank balances or customer details online before going into important meetings
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