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Key Features

Optimise business efficiency

Streamline your operations to retain your competitive edge

Customise your solution to your business needs

Bespoke software changeable to match your processes

Deliver excellent customer service

Connect your teams and optimise your operations

Connect your data

Bring together sales, customer service, financials, process management and the warehouse

Share information across your business

Achieve greater business efficiency by using one system

  • Optimise business efficiency

    Sage 200 Manufacturing will help you understand your processes and make your business more efficient.

    • Reduce costs: increase productivity with precision production floor processes, improved component tracking and turnover of finished goods.
    • Manage and control your business more effectively: get more control of your production processes through effective batch or serial tracking to trace components or built items.
    • Increase customer satisfaction and profitability: manage mixed-mode production environments, reduce lead times and optimise your internal operations to monitor product quality so you always produce the highest quality goods.
    • Maintain maximum productivity: track supply chain activities in detail and maintain maximum productivity. Monitor issues on the shop floor so corrective action can be swiftly taken.
    • Streamline production: use the flexible functionality to ensure the system matches the needs of your business so you can streamline production scheduling and gain more effective coordination of distribution channels.
    • Quickly identify issues: customised dashboards and reports allow you to keep track of your business and take immediate corrective action to maintain efficient shop floor management.
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  • Customise your solution to your business needs

    Whether you have simple or more sophisticated business processes, Sage 200 Manufacturing can be customised to meet your individual requirements. It can cater for businesses with single or multiple sites and provides you with multiple choices for setting your own business rules.

    • Save time and simplify regular tasks: automate multiple processes or assemblies to ensure that your operations are consistent and as efficient as possible.
    • Standardise and streamline production: Sage 200 Manufacturing is configurable to your requirements, enabling you to gain more effective coordination of distribution channels and ensure products are delivered on time.
    • Change the solution to meet your needs: our software is designed to be versatile so you can easily manage components, items and manufacturing costs.
    • Monitor profitability and stock: track projections against actual costs based on your business model. Batch and serial traceability of components and built items allows you to keep stock up to date and facilitate processing.
    • Measure cost effectiveness: from material supply and sourcing of components to despatch, you can predict figures before the costs being finalised.
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  • Deliver excellent customer service

    Connect your teams, reduce lead times, optimise internal operations, quickly identify trends and reduce manual collection of data.

    • Reduce lead times: Sage 200 Manufacturing supports mixed-mode production environments including Job Shop, Batch and Semi-processing, Make to Stock and Make to Order, which all help reduce lead times.
    • Optimise internal operations: save time through automation and customisation of your individual manufacturing processes.
    • Increase customer satisfaction: more effective process control can result in shorter lead times to the end product and significantly reduce error/faulty products, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
    • Measure quality standards: Sage 200 Manufacturing is able to issue Certificates of Conformity, making it easier for you to monitor quality standards and take the required actions to ensure you manufacture high quality products.
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  • Connect your data

    • Built for your business: Sage 200 Manufacturing is built to reflect manufacturing processes and structures. See a speedy return on your investment with a solution that can be up and running quickly with minimum disruption.
    • Improve efficiency and save time: automate regular tasks such as month end to save time, allowing you to focus on the things you need to – Sage customers have saved up to 2 days a month through automating regular tasks.
    • Identify capacity bottle necks and potential delivery issues: Sage Graphical Planner (included with Sage 200 Manufacturing) is a capacity scheduling tool, which allows you to quickly identify problem areas and resolve them.
    • Make informed decisions: use personalised dashboards to get the data to the right people faster.
    • Get business critical information at your fingertips: get easy access to data, allowing you to make the decisions you need to whether you’re in or out of the office
    • Quickly identify trends or anomalies: get you the data you need fast with easy-to-use data analysis tools available out-of-the-box or customised to your requirements.
    • Easy to use and customise: use out-of the-box templates to get you going straight away or customise the system so you see terminology or structures that are familiar.
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  • Share information across your business

    Achieve greater business efficiency by using one system to access all of your customer, financial and production data.

    • Improve visibility across your organisation: select which employees have access to data so everyone gets the information they need e.g. you can link up finance and production to make it easier to forecast which orders are coming in and when you'll be paid
    • Better data to the right people: ensure your staff have access to accurate, timely information, whether they work on the shop floor or in the procurement and accounting departments.
    • Improve sales and profitability: Sage 200 Manufacturing allows you to collaborate across departments and have increased visibility of what's happening in your organisation.
    • Make smarter decisions, faster: get easy access to the information you need so you can be more responsive to internal challenges or market changes.
    • Share information and work together: we've designed one system which links all of your processes and departments together.
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