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Hosted Exchange

As a business professional you're under pressure to cut costs, streamline your business, become more productive and efficient, whilst making yourself more available to clients and colleagues.

So when the time comes to move to Hosted Exchange, make sure you choose Maple Cirrus. A platform that guarantees you a safe and secure quality environment with complete peace of mind from a partner you can trust.

Become part of a dedicated messaging network ...

Improve your communications

Maple Systems IT Hardware and Software Sales Coventry

Hosted Exchange gives you the opportunity to build on your customer service and business efficiency by enabling you to contact, collaborate and share wherever you are and whenever you need to.

  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • Instant deployment
  • Enhanced security
  • No upgrades or repairs
  • Easy mailbox control
  • Instant scalability
  • Workforce mobility
  • Exchange 2010
  • Massive 25GB mailbox
  • Mobile email 'push' technology
  • Shared calendars and contacts
  • Public folders and subfolders
  • Redundant networks
  • Award-winning Anti-Spam
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Hosted Exchange